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1. The first impression
2. Finding the right style
3. The höyling process
4. Other players reactions and co-operation
5. Other things worth mentioning

Event 01 Deep Feaver by jallax

Limit time0:50,89
Description Very fast and höylish level. Different styles possible, but finding the right style shouldn't be very hard. This is the first level, which means that there will be much participants and getting points will be relatively hard.
Designer, jallax: This level got inspiration from a climbing trip I was on this summer. But if you see the level, you cant really see what could be the climbing inspiration. Anyway this is easy and very hoylable level.
1. axxu [NASCAR]: 1. First lev of cup I have waited for long time \o/
2. Only 2 styles here that I thought of. Going around from left and up to apple, and going down from middle and bounce over pole. Bouncing would've needed way too much luck, so I decided to hoyl the other style.
3. Hoyl, hoyl, hoyl...
4. Well got some minor details from here and there, mostly from NASCAR.
5. Veezay
2. Karlis [NASCAR]: 1. OK lev, could be höylable
2. After joining NASCAR i didnt have to worry about that anymore
3. Some 5 minutes on sunday morning was enough, as usual
4. We had perfect co-op symbiosis, axxu just drove perfectly and I tried to copy him
5. 16 secs part was annoying until I learned it, the pole and the rest of the lev was something I never really understood completely, but I was still happy with the result.
3. Ismo: 1. Oki lev
2. jt uploaded some 41,5 rec and got endstyle from there, from \DC co-operation got a start style
3. Very little höyling.. had top10 41,xx.. then got run with perfect end 40,03.. played some days and my top10 was 40,xx.. knew i can make 39,low with perfect run, so had to play little more. got 39,hi.. still knew i can make that 39,low.. got good end and improved again over 1s.. was happy with that 38,hi and sent in.
4. Co-operation with \DC
5. - my top3 was 38, 39, 40
- was 1st who sent in

Event 02 Red Concrete by jonsta

Limit time2:09,46
Description Many styles possible, also some shortcuts may be possible. Kinda long level.
Designer, jonsta: This level was originally made for WCup05, but it wasn't accepted. Since then, I changed it ALOT, making this level about 30 secs longer. It was supposed to be an hard, mid-annoying and stylish level (I hope I made it)
1. axxu [NASCAR]: 1. Messy level. Annoying first apple.
2. First 2 apples were quite obvious, after that it was just trying which route is best.
3. After learning the level, it was fairly easy to finish. So then it was just plain hoyling to get nice drive.
4. NASCAR co-operation.
5. I would've won with all times in my top10 =]
2. Raven [LBT]: 1. The first impression
- The start is too 1337 for me! (straight first apple)
2. Finding the right style
- Xiphias gave "faster & easier" start style. That was my biggest help on this event.
gj Xiph :*
3. Other players' reactions and co-operation / The höyling process
- Ismo made some co-operation with our team and gave style for 20 secs to end. I thought it would be slower style so i played with my old style.. But then Xiphias came with his rec and it showed me that Ismo's style is much faster than mine. So after that i made some hoyling with Ismo's style and got all of my times under 1.20. Then more and more hoyl -> average: 1.06.xx.
4. Other things worth mentioning
- top10: 1.05,66 - 1.06,xx
- this lev gets my GAA vote. :*
3. Karlis [NASCAR]: 1. OMG PLZ, felt max hard and long, took days to learn the start, F***ING VSYNC HOLE, WHY?!?!
2. Finding the right style(which was actually the wrong style) took some time (from axxu, of course) but luckily it was found clearly before the deadline
3. Some 5 minutes on sunday morning plus few runs now and then, as usual
4. Me being a great help to our team with my amazing co-op skills, cloning axxu recs since MC201
5. The first apple was really annoying, other parts of the lev was kinda funny and höylable compared to that.

Event 03 Saturn by zebra

Limit time3:21,47
Description This is the longest level in this cup. This is one-style level, so no style finding needed here. Only some höyling. Very fast level as well.
Designer, zebra: This is one of the levels of my planet -series. There was already Neptune in some other cup. I used pretty much time in making this level, and it should be pretty höylish. It's long but shouldn't be hard to finish.
1. Raven [LBT]: 1. "Hmm, sach long level. Ez skip"
2. Started to play when veezay got some 2.14. Got veezay's rec -> got basic style.
3. Had very little hoyling process. This level didnt motivate me to play. I didnt have to find any new styles, only some minor tricks.
4. LBT
5. Average: 2,08.57
2. J-sim [StockCar]: (interview missing)
3. Sick_Mambo [StockCar]: 1. Like omg ez skip
2. Actually me and DC had mega crap style untill we saw Kopakas rec. He had all the obvious styles :(
3. Hoyled over the first weekend thinking it was a 1 week event. Then used 2. weekend to get it all in place.
4. Jsim had the end style down and i höyled that the last weekend alot. Till i get final time some hours before deadline.
5. Nice lvl afterall despite the first impressions

Event 04 North Lemon Tree by jallax

Limit time0:39,98
Description Maybe the shortest and easiest level in this cup. Style finding will be crucial because many styles can be possible.
Designer, jallax: North lemon tree was made to be a quite short level with many different styles. The level has a bit touch of zebras level making fingers (he edited it a bit).
1. Raven [LBT]: 1. So this is mastercup2's hoyla lev. Max irritating jump between two hangs.
2. Jappe2 gave me "hangjump" style. Other styles i found by myself.
3. Started hoyling on friday, watched some LBT + ismo recs on saturday. Then just hoyl more and more.
4. LBT + ismo
5. Average: 24:88
1. axxu [NASCAR]: 1. Nice short level
2. It was easy to fing right style, took only few minutes. I wasn't sure that time it would be my final style tho.
3. 2nd apple made this level pure frustration to hoyl, always missing by few pixels, and only thing this level needed was max hoyling.
4. Nascar
5. No such things.
3. veezay [LBT]: 1. So it was a short lev this time ...which was nice. what wasn't nice was that right from the start axxu was doing some 28 and right after that 27. after 15 minutes he had 26. my first finish was 35 and i actually had this impossible style in my mind (which is actually cool because i never find styles), i just couldn't understand how axxu had done it so quickly. :o
2-4. So i already knew the impossible style and had no idea how to do it myself. for a moment every now and then i actually thought it wasn't possible and axxu had some completely different sick nascar-style no one could dream of. i talked about the style with terb0 and we: agreed, it really might be teh stylz. i still didn't know how to jump straight from the first apple to the second, so i went around the second apple. i did a bounce there and got 29.37, heh Ismo thought i had done the cool style already. nat :/. some 30 minutes after Orcc got 27.03 which made the team channel look something like this:
[21:26:35] terb0> :O
[21:28:00] Ismo^> :O
[21:30:02] veezay> :O
of course in good team spirit Orcc kindly gave us the style. Ismo started improving like a bitch, for me it took a few hours. i managed to get team best for a while, until Ismo improved again. it's fun how we usually have these in-team battles against each other, makes us play more. i tried new style at the first apple and cut my time down to 25.64. i was already quite happy with it. the next day Ismo had höyled some more (25.52), damn. :/ i wasn't in the mood for höyling so i just did other things. another day and Raven had 28.89, awww :} meanwhile Ismo did some minor improving. for some reason Raven typoed his next time as 23.16 or just deliberately FOOLED us, it had quite similar effect like Orcc's 27. after all everyone guessed it was 26.19 and the lesson was: don't use numpad. Raven and Ismo improved some more and terb0, having 34.21, decided to skip. so that meant i had the worst time in the team :(((. at least everybody had 25. i still wasn't in the mood, so i just kinda waited aside and watched others improve. Raven 24.93, Ismo 24.97, Raven 24.84, Orcc 24.93. i was feeling quite noob. it was the last night before deadline and i decided to give it one more try. i watched some carefully selected replays and tried to learn the faster jump. i improved my time quite fast, some 0.1sec improvement every 5 minutes, until i got 25.04. after that it took 15 minutes of playing to get my 24.81 and i thought oh wow, Ismo and Orcc already sent and i rulzed them ^_^ Raven had 24.79 and i SO MUCH whaned to get better just once. after 4 hours of desperate trying i obviously failed, but the result was not so bad after all =) =). phew, lots of times in that one :o you can really sense the cup feeling of teh, yes?
5. have fun reading this, i really don't know why but i just kept on writing for some reason.

Event 05 Horse Power by zebra

Limit time1:10,06
Description This is kind of basic cup level, nothing special, I think.
Designer, zebra: Another cup level. I made this very quickly, but I like this level very much. It has some secret areas as well :)
1. axxu [NASCAR]: 1. Weird multi-style level.
2. Was there even any right style in this level? Every place could've made with so many different styles.
3. Start, until bounce turn, was fairly easy after learning it. Then it was mainly just getting a bit lucky at bounce turn, and hoping to make it to next platform without hitting head :s
4. Nascar with dz's crazy styles.
5. I made it to secret area too o/
2. Raven [LBT]: 1. Quite sucky level.
2. orcc made some 5x.xx, i started to play. Made 49.xx and thought, that there are'nt any new styles.
3. terb0 started making such sick0r tim0rz (43.xx, 44.xx etc.), then he gave me his rec and i saw there are long jump. Then again hoyl hoyl hoyl hoyl & hoyl.
4. LBT + ismo
5. HI! Sorry for sax interview. I didnt remember this event quite well because i was too lame to write this after teh event.
3. Karlis [NASCAR]: (interview missing)

Event 06 Rappellers by jallax

Limit time0:59,38
Description Kinda easy level, no big shortcuts, get easy points from here.
Designer, jallax: Rappellers have two routes: one right and one left. So you can choose which one you want to drive :) I made an easy shortcut also, and a hang trick.
1. axxu [NASCAR]: 1. Where should I go?
2. Took whole week to find right styles. So many different styles and tricks in the level.
3. Whole lev was very annoying to hoyl, but the end made it hell. WHY make such possible 1/50 bounce there?!
4. Nascar...
5. Hat trick \o/
2. Xiphias [AT]: 1. First thing I thought was this: OMG Nic0r hoyla lvl =D Gonna try some ^^
2. The style hard to find. It was only the 2nd apple that was a bit irritating. Long jump was quite ez to do. There were some faster style I didn't use, because they were just WAY to hard. Only managed to do them in train lvl :/
3. Not sure what to say about the hoyling. I just played and played. Ez nothing else than that.
4. The only problem I had on the lvl was the 2nd apple and Staar[AT] helped me with teh :D Ez thx for that teammate. \m/
5. Nice work making sach nice lvl jallax
3. Karlis [NASCAR]: 1. Damn, so many routes
2. Finding the right style was kinda long process this time, but axxu worked hard with it whole week to find the right tricks and in the end it wasnt about finding the styles anymore, but having enough skialz to to get a clean run.
3. The 5 mins on sunday morning felt like eternity, but finally got a decent run
4. Most ppl on our team hated the start hang as they couldnt make it, I dont know what was wrong with it, maybe some tuning thing as it wasnt that impsypossibliez, Co-op was fine as always, axxu makes winning recs and my cheap copy lags behind
5. Ive new THX-certified speakers now, ez win with new earthquakeing sounds

Event 07 Adrenaline by Sowjet

Limit time0:56,56
Description Another kind of basic cup level. One-style level.
Designer,Sowjet: (interview missing)
1. axxu [NASCAR]: (interview missing)
2. dz [NASCAR]: (interview missing)
3. Karlis [NASCAR]: (interview missing)

Event 08 Exposed by zebra

Limit time1 apple
Description Mastercup 2 pipe. Very fast but not easy. Note that you can skip this level if you don't like pipes.
Designer, zebra: Heh, every cup has to have one pipe level (though mastercup1 didn't have). I made this kinda long ago. I haven't finished this, but I think that an ok finish time would be around a minute and half.
1. John [WNO]: 1. Always liked zebrapipes, this was no exception.
2. The route was kinda obvious =) the more detailed styles developed naturally by trial and error.
3. Played now and then during the week but i drove the winningtime about 50 minutes before deadline.
4. Me and axxu spoke on msn about times and fukkups but no co-op, more like slight rivalry :*
5. np: Beyoncé - Irreplaceable ... Over and out
2. axxu [NASCAR]: (interview missing)
3. SveinR [TAAF]: 1. First impressions, hmm. I guess it seemed like a pretty standard Zebra pipe lev, which should be quite enjoyable to play for a while. It was glad it seemed to be a pretty fast level, and that it wasn't a curvy pipe (except for that part at 32 secs, but thankfully it didn't turn out to be much trouble).
2. Well, this being a pipe level there was of course not too much style-finding to be done, except some minor tricks that you figure out as you go along. However, the hang part at 45 secs it actually took a while before I went and tried to do it. It always seemed to be a better idea to drive that way, but for some reason I stalled the actual trial of it. As for "finding the right style", well, turns out I didn't actually do that, as I had the 50-55 secs part all wrong :)
3. The höyling process. I didn't really start to play the lev until Friday. I had some school work to do in the week, so I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't get much playing done then, I only tried the level a little now and then. On Saturday I got 1:08,43, but I knew I could get 1:06,xx with an optimal run. On Sunday I didn't get any playing done at all, as I was away for a family gathering. So when I came home from the university on Monday, I had about 2 hours of playing to get a better time. After about 45 minutes I got 1:07,40. I decided I would settle for that, even with 1h 15mins of playing time left. I thought the run was very good, and that the chances for me bettering it in the remaining time weren't too big. So I sent in and watch South Park for the rest of the time until the deadline :) It might have been a bad decision though, maybe I would've been more reckless in my driving knowing I already had a time I was satisfied with, so that I might have tried to do something like John did on the 50-55 secs part. Oh well. I guess I wouldn't have beaten him anyway.
4. No co-operation or talks with other players.
5. I guess I could mention that I was a bit disappointed when the results came. I wanted to win this level (one reason for this was that I felt I had been pretty close to doing that on level 3), but I knew it wouldn't be easy since I didn't really get much playing time done. I was happy with my time, however, and thought I had a chance of beating axxu (and for sure be top2, I didn't know John was playing..). So I was a bit disappointed, both with coming 3rd, and also for missing out on the correct style. But at least I was beaten by so much, 1.2 secs by axxu and 1.6 secs by John, so I quite simply had to acknowledge that they were better :)

Event 09 Brick Chili by jonsta

Limit time1:45,44
Description This is weird level. Somehow hard to finish and find a good style. Reminds me of some mp's levels.
edit: jonsta edited this lev and it's now easier and provides more styles. Real labyrinth.
Designer, jonsta: Originally planned to be a battle lev, this one took me 3 months to polish. Many different styles possible, a true brainteaser ;D Props to MP on this one, because he inspired me alot. I just hope you don't skip this lev.
1. zelter [EA]: 1. nice multi-style lev... but damn: so many styles possible -.-'
2. started up with some 58.xx style I tried myself... after 2 days I merged with DaFred and Palme who had better style (some 51.xx style)! But I was sure that something is missing.. gave style to Lukazz and hoyled a bit the ending! Lukazz needed maybe 10-15 mins when he said he got a -4 secs shortcut! some little impressions before, after and between the two hang-parts and style was perfect... =)
3. ff with this style was 52.9x ... one day later I pushed to 50,4x and one day later I did 49 and 48 ... I stucked @ 48.72 ... Monday I tried 10 mins and did 47.72!
4. most ppl said "nice time", "top3" and "ez win"... I couldn't believe ... I knew if axxu or Raven or other pros drive same style it will be shitty topten time! vt416 showed faster start style.
5. mission accomplished.
thx to: sleap, Chip, Lukazz, Palme, DaFred, Lasall, AKB, Phallosvogel, HaraldH, vt416 and god. average: 49.2xx
2. A.K.B. [EA]: 1. Such cool looking level- and ez go right- much faster to first apple there!
2. I hoyled some n00b style for 1:04:xx, then zelter posted up some uber coal 52 rec- I then told him that I was gonna hoyl for 49 and win- I achieved at least one of those goals ;)
3. Freaking annoying jump to the platform for apple no. 3- max luck, but the rest was solid hoyling, and though my run doesn't look smooth- it's because I'm only allowed to play Elma on weekends now- and if I had hoyled through week it would've been some similar to zelter's time (thought not past it due to sach perfectness)and the ending was insanely annoying- I kept missing the end part due to not enough speed from third apple. :x and almost whenever I got into the end part- my bike went too far and I missed the red polygon completely- so it was max unfair, I also stayed up till 2am one morning (4 days before deadline) until I got 49:xx, I kept getting 50:lows until 1:59am (the exact time) then I finally got the dream time of 00:49:99- those digits lifted my spirits to an extreme level
4. I have got lots of support from EA- especially zelter- who has supported me probably the most (though sleap supported as much from the sidelines) and lots of 'gratz' were there also- but the biggest part in this level was Zelter to me, and for that- I just got to hand it to him- such an awesome style. Only for the best.
5. Top Ten is as follows: (with time and day- note that I can't play elma through weekdays- so it's on weekend/over midnight to Monday)
00:49:99 -> Monday 1:59am
00:50:09 -> Monday 1:30am
00:50:20 -> Monday 1:29am
00:50:32 -> Monday 1:28am
00:50:81 -> Monday 1:20am
00:50:86 -> Sunday 11:59pm
00:50:92 -> Monday 1:00am
00:51:38 -> Monday 12:50am
00:51:80 -> Monday 12:20am
00:51:91 -> Saturday 11:30pm
Hmm, not too hoyled eh? Ah well- we need more levs with crazy styles like that.... btw. This being my first major cup- is the place I'm coming overall good? It's for you to decide. Also- EA rocks! We might actually have a chance to finish in 2nd! Keep it up EA!!!!
3. Lukazz [EA]: 1. Quite nice level, but I don’t know how to finish :P
2. Palme and Zelter did some about one minute style. I tried this style and changed some parts together with zelter. So the style was ready after the 3rd day :P
3. Lol maybe 7 hours or so, nothing special, that’s really the best level of 2006 so it was more fun than work.
4. Zelter
5. Finished this level exactly 10 times, worst was 56, Kestas I love you :*

Event 10 Similarities by zebra

Limit time1:30,47
Description Very stylish level. The same polygon is copyed many times around the level. Hard to finish. Though, kinda few players will probably play this level, so easy points if finished in ok time.
Designer, zebra: Ye, this is pretty hard and some tricks should be made in order to finish in good time. Some player can be irritated by the flying parts from polygon to another. This is little same kind than the Crisscrossing level in World Cup 5, so Luther could get a good time in this level.
1. Raven [LBT]: 1. Thought it would be fucking messy level.
2. We already had the under min style, but i didnt get motivation to play it with the style. But after i got 59.xx rec from forthe (a Russian kuski), i got max motivation and started to hoyl.
3. Again.. Got basic style, then hoyled, hoyled, hoyled and got the time with some new minor tricks. After some hoyling it was very cool level with annoying 3. apple.
4. forthe + LBT
5. Average was 00:54:48. And i got max "WTF" feeling when i saw that i won even with my 0.50secs punishment :)
2. axxu [NASCAR]: (interview missing)
3. BoneLESS [HHIT]: 1. "YEAH, zebra level!"
2. At first, i took the middle apple first, then left and right. That style sucked hard and i later found out the other apple order (left, middle, right). Monday, i found the middle "double hang" style which was looking pretty good. I decided to stick with it.
3. Hoyling process... not much on this one. Played for an hour on Wednesday, managed some 1.04 with my second style. Played another hour on Saturday to reach a 59.87 time. I was psyched when i saw it was under a minute. Then, i thought that if i wanted to win, i'd have to use some more fast and fearless style... later, i had to sleep... Monday, coming back from a hard day of school, i hoyled a new style for 2 hours to finally get 55.33. I was happy, no more playing.
4. As usual, i had almost no co-operation. I talked a bit with my brother about the best style he could find. I also talked to Raven who told me something that led me to believe he had under 54. I said "bah, i'll get second" ... i was almost right!
5. So fun to write interviews...

Event 11 Apple Appetite by 8-ball and zebra

Limit time2:22,02
Description An apple harvest. Like in other apple harvests, style finding will be crucial. Basically, 8-ball made the outer polygon and I (zebra) made the rest.
Designer, 8-ball: (interview missing)
Designer, zebra: When I got this level from 8-ball (after some months of begging mc2 levs) I saw it wasn't very 'finished'. So I remake the crucial parts, and removed some of the islands, to make the level much easier and human. And, I really don't know what did 8-ball had against designing levels in this cup, but it was just too slow (still better than devan and Juble, who didn't design any levels).
1. psy [NASCAR]: I wasnt expecting much on the results because there was no teamwork in nascar camp in these final events, and I plannned not to play it (much) at first because I hate finding routes and just want to skip right to the hoyling part. It's surprising that so few played with this route because i couldnt find any other good routes to the lower part no matter how hard i looked, and tried to make up the possibly bad route with a little hoyling, quite lucky teh ;S Thanks to zebra and the TAP guys for this nice cup.
2. vt [EA]: 1. omg, looks like AH
2. the first route i found was also the route i used in the end (was kind of obvious), but i tried many many ways. they were all too hard to drive and i didn`t even know if they are faster. so i made lots of train-levs and searched for little changings in the style. found some exotic ones. i was a kind of unsecure about the way i collect the apples cause veezay had already a 1,31 on thursday. so i always thought that there is a faster way.
3. hoyling process on sunday and monday, was kind of annoying because i finished not very often. the motivation was that i knew that a 1,25 is possible with my style, so was very satisfied with this 1,26:50 (look at the end, i loose 0,5 sec or more).
4. shared some recs with AKB
5. made this time 15 minutes before deadline. second best is 1,27:88. but all in all i think that it`s ok that psy won this event. i never would have found this style. the funny thing is, that it`s like a deja vu. it`s the second time that i made a second place in a cup. and at the first time, smashcup 09 or 08, psy also won.
3. A.K.B. [EA]: 1. Apple Harvest- OMG veezay winz with 1:31! Wait- I think I win because I get the Harvest styles ez.
2. Got 1:42:xx, then 1:39, 1:36, 1:31, 1:30, 1:29 (eight times) 1:28, 1:27, 1:26, and I made up the style.
3. I did not have much hoyling time- and I thought deadline was a week earlier than I expected, so I accidently sent in, but luckly I got 01:26:86 which was a good time- but my pc ban sux, no elma on weekdays and my weekends were all used up. So ez late at night.
4. gratz from zelter, I think vt helped the most, though I made up the main styles. and the beginning is my trademark as far as I'm concerned, it's the fastest beginning, and one of my best runs would make psy's style a 1:23, so ez all in the style.
5. Exactly 45 mins hoyling, it's not fair. :( I missed a 1:24 run and about three 1:25 runs. Also top ten under 1:30.
And also- thanks to zebra, who has supported me lots in my attempts, and veezay for keeping up competition, unless I win next event, I guess I'll have to settle with a sucky 8th place, due to elma ban. So I'll have to try inhumanly for this one.
2nd Interview! All I need is a first place now! ;D and vt- no regrets, you deserved that second place, but you could've at least told me. ;)
AND!!!!!!! EA SECOND NOW!!!!! w00t!!!!! :O :O :O :O keep it up.

Event 12 Waste by jonsta

Limit time0:55,90
Description The last level. I don't know how many ppl will do some tactics, play this and skip 2 earlier levels. This might be a good level to get points if you succeed in one of the shortcuts which this level offers. At least this is a short level.
Edit: jonsta edited the lev, it's now a bit better and also a bit longer but not significantly.
Designer, jonsta: This level was made like this: zebra: "jonsta we need one more" jonsta: "ok" Made in about 15-30 mins, this is the shortest höylä in this Cup.
1. A.K.B. [EA]: 1. I WILL WIN MC212.lev! It's my only hope. And feels like my sort of lev.
2. I drove 46:86 and then started brutal volting under second apple to get to platform, then I made up the bounce, and I made the style more complicated and fast, until I was sure there was no faster way, and of course there was, which was StockCar's beginning, but I showed them. ;D
3. I started of course with the famous 46:86, then hoyled the brutal style down to 31:97, then started with the bounce, and got a 31:59, and I was content, then hoyled more and got 31:39, which I thought was PERFECT. But I soon reconsidered when I missed a 30:4x time (most probably 30:49) and I felt screwed over, so I hoyled a lot more. Mainly because I was pissed. I spent a lot more time on this lev then any other (except MC209.lev, which I spent a similar amount of time on) but now I see a massive gap between my results and second and third's place, mainly to my "Right Volt" near the end, on the vertical polygon. That seemed to be the key in this level.
Level 12, MC212 Waste by jonsta:
00:30:66 Samuel
00:30:73 Samuel
00:30:73 Samuel
00:30:75 Samuel
00:30:76 Samuel
00:30:79 Samuel
00:30:81 Samuel
00:30:86 Samuel
00:30:87 Samuel
00:30:89 Samuel Average: 00:30:785
So I win with top 6 and tie 1st with 7th run, and tie 2nd with 8th run, 9th & 10th runs would've been 3rd. I believe that I made an impression on this last level, and I was content after hoyling my top ten under 30:90
4. My part was asking my teammates to not beat me. But DaFred supported me the most in this level, and I'm glad he got such a good result for a Hoyla lev. Gratz DaFred! zelter has always been one of my favorite teammates for his hoyling abilities (look at MC209- OMFG) Palme- though not getting the best result, tried his best and that's more than we could've asked for him, and of course Lukazz, who had the important job of telling me not to go bragging. ;D
5. My dad gave me a week ban as soon as this lev started. So I negotiated with him about it, and he decided to give me an hour a day to hoyl, and I used them to the max (that's 4 hours total FOR ELMA, I could use IRC and Internet anytime) So 4 hours playing time was all it took, but ez better time with [StockCar]'s first apple style (slightly faster then mine)
I thought to myself- the best possible position I could get is coming 4th atm, if I can just shove 4th-7th position out of the top three for this last level and I won, the thing is, I managed that, and I'm extremely lucky for that, all I can say is Thanks J-Sim and Sick_Mambo! ;D
Now I'm 4th Overall, I can't be sad that I didn't make the top 3, those guys are obviously more talented then me, and there is no shame in that, I have only played for a year now. ;D
I guess there is nothing left to say but- thanks [TAP] for the great cup, it is the only major cup I have played through and through, I thourougly enjoyed it, and I might be back for MC3 if there ever is, you guys rock, two things for you: Thanks for the support zebra, and if you can- jonsta, plz make a MC2 Movie, like that WC5 vid "MP for the Win"
Oh, another thing, I promised Dennis Bursen that I would mention his name here if I won this last event, because he's in my Business Ed. Class with Mrs Edwards, and he doesn't believe that me (Samuel Dickenson- one of the partners of WaveRider with Brad Coles and Smurf) is one of the best Elma players in this cup, I guess he'll have to believe me now. Hi Dennis! You retard! ;D I'll wipe the floor with your Mop-Top! =D

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The End.
2. J-sim [StockCar]: (interview missing)
3. Sick_Mambo [StockCar]: (interview missing)