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01Deep Feaverjallaxaxxu [NASCAR]38,49Monday 4 September at 18.00 EEST
02Red Concretejonstaaxxu [NASCAR]1:03,98Wednesday 13 September at 18.00 EEST
03SaturnzebraRaven [LBT]2:07,22Wednesday 27 September at 18.00 EEST
04North Lemon Treejallaxaxxu [NASCAR] and Raven [LBT]0:24,77Monday 2 October at 18.00 EEST
05Horse Powerzebraaxxu [NASCAR]0:40,31Monday 9 October at 18.00 EEST
06Rappellersjallaxaxxu [NASCAR]0:35,98Monday 16 October at 18.00 EEST
07AdrenalineSowjetaxxu [NASCAR]0:38,22Monday 23.10.2006 at 18.00 EEST
08ExposedzebraJohn [WNO]1:05,79Monday 30.10.2006 at 18.00 EET
09Brick Chilijonstazelter [EA]0:47,72Wednesday 8.11.2006 at 18.00 EET
10SimilaritieszebraRaven [LBT]0:53,72Wednesday 15.11.2006 at 18.00 EET
11Apple Appetite8-ball and zebrapsy [NASCAR]1:26,07Monday 27.11.2006 at 18.00 EET
12WastejonstaA.K.B. [EA]0:30,66Friday 1.12.2006 at 18.00 EET

You can see the descriptions of the levels from interviews -page.

Player standings
Team standings
Latest event results

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In top rec -packs there are top 10 records from each level and some randomly chosen recs which have been driven in some special or nice style.