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MasterCup 2 is arranged by team TAP (The Apple Placers).

Our team members and ex-members in order of activity are: me (zebra), jonsta, jallax, 8-ball, Sowjet, devan, Juble and Behk.

Juble and devan didn't make levels to mastercup2 and they have been very inactive (and Sowjet has always been inactive), so basically they are not in our team anymore. Behk has quitted long ago. Also 8-ball was very lazy in making mc2 levels. So basically our team consists of 3 members: me, jonsta and jallax.

In this cup there will be 3 levs from each jonsta and jallax, one from Sowjet, 4 from me and 1 from 8-ball (which I edited a lot.). That means totally 12 levels.
Check our other contests and details from our team homepage:
And thanks to Ville J for designing these great web pages.

I (zebra) am hosting this cup, so if you have anything to ask about the cup, just ask me by e-mail (, or or in irc at #mc2 (nick zebraTAP or harrii).
Jonsta has promised to handle e-mails and do the statistics, let's see what happens. The statistics and results are made with mergestats -program which you can download from my homepage if you want to try it:

#mc2 is the official cup channel of this cup in ircnet. Feel free to join it and talk there. I try to be there any time i'm online.

Remember that a cup, even a well-arranged cup is a dead cup if nobody plays it - so please participate and let's make this a good cup ok :)